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We have been working in collaboration with Lance Herring on this project.
The AcademicGrand is a 1963 Steinway D concert grand which has seen countless recitals and concerts over the years where it served as the University of Arkansas' primary concert instrument. The piano has been an inspiration to hundreds of students and visitors, and with being well-maintained and cared for, it's a wonderful instrument with a unique history and classic American Steinway sound.

Default interface Mixing settings
Default interface
This is the default interface of the plugin. We adjusted all of the parameters the best possible way. If you want to adjust something, simply click on settings.
Mixing settings
On this library, the Mixing settings are only a control over the volume and pan.
General settings Midi settings
General settings
In this panel, you can change most of the aspects of the library to make it sound just like you want.
You can adjust:
  • The release Volume: the sound produced when you release a key if a note was going on.
  • The Key Noises: the sound produced when you release a key and no corresponding sustain was played.
  • The Pedal Noise: the sound produced when you press or release the pedal, it adds a lot to the realism.
  • The Tone: a simple way to make the piano sound brighter or darker.
  • The sostenuto CC, also called the middle pedal. You can sustain selected notes, while other notes remain unaffected.
  • The polyphony. If you lower the buffer or simply want to be light on CPU, then increase or lower this value.
  • The Reverb. We use a convolution reverb and you can adjust the dry and wet parts separately.
Midi settings
In the midi panel, you have access to all of the midi controls to help you adjust the library to your controller or playing style:
  • The MIDI remapper allows you to assign any input velocity to any output velocity.
  • The MIDI curve controls the midi remapper and will give it a concave or convex shape thus changing a "MIDI sensitivity".
  • The Velocity Threshold is simply the minimum velocity that you will have to play to hear the piano, it is present on a real piano.
  • The Dynamics curve changes the volume curve of the library.
  • The Sensitivity will set the minimum volume for velocity 1 and give you access to all the dynamics that you want.
Sample player
AcademicGrand comes with its own sample player, the UVI Workstation 3 (requires v3.1.6 or later).
We provide it for free with every library that you buy, you don't need to buy an expensive sampler to use our products. It works on Mac (10.14 or later intel or arm processor) and PC (windows 10 or later), in standalone or as a plugin (VST / VST3 / AU / AAX ) and in 64 bits only. You can find more info about it here.
Technical description
2.82Gb uncompressed, 1.11Gb compressed in lossless flac format, around 816 samples.
4 Velocity layers for the sustain (4 on pedal up and 4 on pedal down).
4 Velocities for the release.
Pedal down resonance.
Key noises samples.
Sustain pedal noises (up and down), triggered automatically.
Advanced UVI scripting giving you access to a simple yet powerfull interface and advanced features.


iLok or computer based

We use the iLok system to protect our products and you can choose to register your license to your computer or to an iLok dongle.
If you decide to use an iLok dongle, both V1 and V2 are compatible with our products.
You can activate your license on up to 3 computers or iLok dongles at the same time and you can deactivate one and activate another as many times as you want.

Once your order is complete, you will be provided with a serial number.

You will then be able to register it to your iLok account from our website on this page (you need to be logged in to access this page). The whole process is described in the FAQ (instructions + screencast).
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January 01, 2018
By Phil
First time i heard this piano i was blown away . i thought this is a quality piano. i needf this one. i now am recomendind this piano to friends kids can play a quality sounding piano for practicing , recitals, performing . do you have aacadimic version for iPhone and iPad? you did an awesome job. thank you for your hard work!

October 19, 2017
By Steve
This is a very good sampled piano. I have tried several others, both sampled and modeled, and this is my favorite. It requires a bit of work to adjust the weight of your master keyboard to the touch you want to obtain, but it's definitely worth it. The attack of the notes is superb, and the possibility to adjust the keyboard and pedal noises makes it very realistic. I play classical and modern music, and this piano delivers very good tone without the need to adjust EQ or add effects. I'd only like to have sympathetic resonance modeled, it would it absolutely perfect; but if you like the Steinway sound, this one beats more expensive VSTs and digital keyboards. Absolutely an excellent value for the money.

February 08, 2017
By Harano
한국어 리뷰가 없네요. 구매하려고 고민중인 분들께 도움이 되고자 몆자 적어봅니다. 우선 이 아카데믹 그랜드는 스타인웨이 D-274 특유의 느낌을 그대로 잘 반영하고 있습니다. 샘플링도 굉장히 깔끔한 편이고, 고사양이나 고용량을 요구하지 않습니다. 주로 모든 장르에 써도 무방할거 같습니다. 하지만 조금 빈약한 부분이라면, 효과 (잔향, 코러스 등등) 이 살짝 아쉽습니다. 그래도 이정도 가격대에 이정도 제품이면 꽤나 가성비가 좋은 VST 같습니다. 아칸소 대학교의 1963년에 제작된 주된 연주악기라고 하네요.

September 07, 2015
By Craig
As there is no one perfect piano for every application, this is a really useful virtual piano to own. It may not be as full, nuanced and dynamic as the more recent superb Acousticsamples C7, but this vintage Steinway piano tone sits very well in a mix, and maintains it clarity (which some fuller sounding virtual pianos don't) so it's a good option to have depending on the track. Great stereo imaging as well, without being artificially wide. The New York & Hamburg Steinway D's are quite different pianos, and this is great to have as a contrast to the many Hamburg D virtual pianos on the market. Highly Recommended.

October 03, 2013
By Audiofanzine

October 03, 2013
By PianistaItaliano
See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-o4zhUbeF0

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