• VWinds Flutes
  • VWinds Clarinets
  • VWinds Double Reeds
  • VHorns Brass Section
  • B-5 Organ
  • Sunbird
  • vtines
  • VHorns Saxophones

Easy install guide

Download our installer for your platform and just follow this quick video guide.
All you have to do is follow the steps, if you have a doubt, follow the instructions in the video below.
The installation is done in four simple steps:
1- Install our player
2- Register your serial number
3- Activate your computer or iLok key (no dongle necessary)
4- Download and install your library

Old Manual guide (but that still works)

These are the old step in case you have a problem with our installer, so please try our installer first. This process should take less than 10 minutes.
Please follow the videos or the explanations and check the questions in the frequently asked questions before submitting a support ticket, your answer will probably be in it.
Step 1 and 4:
Authorizing your library.
Step 2:
Downloading and extracting.
Step 3:
Installing UVI Workstation.
Step 5:
Opening a library
in UVI Workstation.
Step 1 - Authorize your library
Step 2 - Download and extract your libraries
Step 3 - Download and install UVI Workstation
Step 4 - Transfer the license to your iLok key/computer
Step 5 - Load your library and start playing

Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded the rar files, what do i do with them?
I end up with an ufs file, what is it?
I get a "no valid authorization found"? Why?
I get a "unable to mount" message, why?
I get a "this script was generated with a ...", why?
I don't have an iLok usb key, what can i do?
I get a red border around the interface, why?
I have a kontakt version, how can i get the UVI version?
Where can i find a manual for my library?
Where can i get an invoice for my purchase?
UVI Workstation crashed, how can i verify the ufs file?

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